Robin D. Hughes


Joo-Hee Waelzlein
Yue Wu

PhD students

Suttiruk Jitraruch, 2014
Hong Qin, 2014
Juliana Puppi, 2011
Claire Terry, 2005

MD(Res) Students

Ahlam Mustafa
Ajay Prakash Belgaumkar

MSc/MRes students

Sam Blackford, 2016
Ashley Ames-Draycott, 2014
Charlotte Lee, 2014
Shoaib Hussain, 2013
Pam Dhadda, 2010

Visiting Researchers

Amardeep Yadav, India, 2013-2014
Fabiane Klem, Brazilian Gvt grant, 2012-2013
Estella Solanos, 2010
Cheng-Maw Ho, 2008-2009
Manil Chouhan, 2008
Filippos Sagias, 2006-2007
Ginevra Galbiati, 2006-2007
Trini Serrano, 2003-2004

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