Current members

Anil Dhawan, Professor of Paediatric Hepatology and Head of the group

Hanish Anand, Quality Manager

Asith Appuhamy, Assistant Practitioner

Sanjay Bansal, Consultant Paediatric Hepatologist

Vitalina Drobnytska, Post-doctoral researcher

Celine Filippi, Head of Quality and Stem Cell Research, and KCL visiting Senior Lecturer

Emer Fitzpatrick, Clinical Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant

Robin D. Hughes, Senior Lecturer

Ragai R. Mitry, Head of Liver Processing and Honorary Senior Lecturer

Minh Phuong Nguyen, PhD student

Jessica Nulty, Post-doctoral Researcher

Stephanie Ogwuru, Liver Scientist

Shaikha Al Mazrouei, PhD student

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