About us

The Hepatocyte Biology and Transplantation group was first set up at King’s College Hospital in 2000. The aim of the group is to bring the benefits of excellent research to our patients by translating basic discoveries into new therapies for the treatment of (i) acute liver failure or (ii) inborn errors of liver metabolism.

We focus on four aspects  of hepatocyte transplantation research

  • The development of alginate microbeads for hepatocyte encapsulation
  • The use of MSC to improve hepatocyte viability and function
  • The use of non-parenchymal cells and extra-cellular matrices to mimic the hepatocyte niche
  • Hepatocyte transplantation IBMIR/rejection


MowatLab logoThe Hepatocyte Biology and Transplantation Group are part of the Alex Mowat Labs in the Institute of Liver Studies




See our Basic research or Clinical research pages for more information.

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